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Guild Charter

Guardians of the Light

Guardians of the Light is a guild that has spanned over a decade, with this being said we have seen almost every issue that may arise in a guild MMO. We are a bunch of friendly gamers that help out each other and the community as a whole. We hold ourselves to a higher standard than the average player, we strive to be better. We are more than just a community of players, we are a family and family’s help each other out even though it may not be what we have plans for.

Guardians of the Light forged its first friendships in EverQuest era. While in EverQuest II GOTL rose to be one of the largest guilds in the game we also drew the attention of the Game Masters. Thousands members strong and we still maintained the fee ling of a small family always doing things together and enjoying each other’s company.

As a community we have always been helpful and kind to one another, always growing and working toward common goals as a community and not just working on personal development in the games we played. Over the years we have set up roots in many MMOS and have forged friendships that have lasted years. The senior members understand more than anyone the importance of the way we operate as a community, how we drive and focus on the fun and socialization of all members in the community. We build GOTL up from nothing and we are always going to be involved in the gaming community and we will continue to grow as our future members will carry the GOTL torch into the future.

Strength and Honor: has always been at the core of our values. We do not seek advancement solely on what we can obtain, but what we can obtain as a guild. What is a guild, it is a formation of friends and family that come together to have fun and advance through the rankings of the game. We are only as strong as our values in the game stand. We should always strive to be a beacon of light on our server, setting the standards that all should follow. You are expected to respect your fellow players even if they are not guilded with us. Every connection we make in game is a possible guild mate. If you have issues with someone please take it up with an officer if it is a guild issue or just be polite and speak your mind in a respectful manor. Out in the world please offer to help others if they are in need of assistance, this shows how giving our guild is to the community and will make us stand out beyond the crowd of other guilds. The biggest thing we can do is stand together as one, we will not let ourselves get caught up in cliques or be simply fall into the same routine of not supplying our guidance and wisdom to the guild and our community.


With the amount of leadership ability we have in [GOTL] we will not faulted and will not let ourselves be set astray from the path, We are Guardians, when we bleed its Guardian blood. We are here to take on every challenge set in our place and conquer it with Strength and Honor.